Shadowmist Isles

Day 2
Journey to the Pearl

After stocking up in Caldea the party set sail for The Pearl in the SS Jizzpiss. It was a rather uneventful journey until they happened on a pair of Sky Sharks that were flying nearby. Brad Chadsmith tried to fire a bomb out of the cannon at the sharks but it exploded early and only attracted their attention. As the sharks moved in on the SS Jizzpiss Ray Jennings injured one with a well aimed ballista bolt, and Char jumped on the other one causing it to thrash around wildly. While this was going on Magic Mike-tron readied a summoning ritual and brought forth a dragon but was unable to fully control it.

Char managed to soothe the mind of the shark she was riding and brought it under her control. Magic Mike-tron performed the ritual of shrinking to shrink Brad but it only shrunk his body, leaving him with a relatively gigantic head. Magic Miake-tron then tossed tiny Brad into the mouth of the shark Char was riding. This turned out to be a risky move as shark began to swallow Brad. He attacked it with his tiny sword but it was ineffective. Ray fired another ballista bolt at the shark's head which killed it but did impale Brad as well gravely wounding him. The dead shark began to plummet to the earth and Magic Mike-tron convinced the dragon to save Char and Brad so it dived after them.  Seeing its partner die the injured shark attacked the ship damaging the ballista and biting off Ray's right leg as he tried to flip away from it. The dragon caught the falling shark and brought it back up to the ship where Char gave Brad a healing potion to save his life. The other shark continued its attack but the party was able to defeat it with cannonfire, a flaming sharknado, and finally Brad putting it out of its misery with his tiny sword. With the threat of the sky sharks behind them the party nursed their wounds and continued onto the Pearl. Char made a peg leg out of a shark bone for Ray to stand on.

They arrived at the Pearl and went to the mining camp. Everyone donned Formian costumes Brad had obtained to try to blend in. The mining camp had been abandoned and ransacked but after searching around they found Armas hiding in the outhouse. He said he was left behind and hid here when the Formians came and searched the camp. The miners used to have a good relationship with the Formians but recently something changed and they became very aggressive. Just then the party spotted some Formian drones moving towards them along the outskirts of the town. Magic Mike-tron threw his Boomdagger at them and Char tried to use a fire whip but the drones jumped on Char and forced her to the ground. Ray rode on JFK and charged through the drones to save Char and killing all of them. The party used the bug juice and pheromones from the drones to coat their disguises to hopefully avoid detection in the hive, then they made camp and planned their next move. 

Day 1
Arrival in Caldea

The adventure opened with our party sitting around a table below deck on the Honeysuckle. A sudden crash announced the arrival of a cannonball, and water began to rush into the ship. To block the hole the party positioned the table into place which seemed to block the flow. They rushed above deck to encounter the Renegade bearing down on them, captained by the bloodthirsty pirate skeleton Peg Leg Johnson.

While Ray Jennings distracted them with ballista shots Brad Chadsmith dove into the water and climbed aboard the Renegade. Using a giant lighter he was able to light the sails on fire but became entangled in the rigging. With skeleton pirates closing in on Brad, Magic Mike-tron and Char used their magic to buy time. The skeleton pirates got off a couple more cannon shots before ramming the Honeysuckle as their sails burned up. A couple pirates boarded and tried to kill Captain Ferdinand but were dispatched by Ray and JFK. Magic Mike-tron and Brad were able to finish off Peg Leg Johnson and end the attack. 

The Honeysuckle continued to fill with water from holes below deck and the crew deployed the balloons for flight to stave off sinking while Brad pushed the Renegade off. Char attempted to boil the water out of the hold which helped fill the balloons, and the Honeysuckle was able to take to the air. They continued on their way to The Drop and were able to pass into the Shadowmist Isles and onto Caldea

After docking in Caldea they were met by Lari Risto who was looking for a group to assist him with a task. The Sammin and Risto families helped found Caldea but have fallen into a bitter rivalry. The Sammin's burglar Petri recently stole a magical ring from the Risto estate that has been in the family for generations. Lari asked the party to assist in retrieving the ring, and pointed to a Sammin storehouse a distance down the dock. 

The party needed to rearm first so they visited the blacksmith Fire and Fury. There they met Bambang and purchased some weapons. Char discovered a hidden room behind the forge containing several magical items. Magic Mike-tron charmed Bambang, and Brad's companion Cash Cow make a ruckus in the shop to cause a distraction while the party made off with Argo-Thaan and the Echo. 

Next the party visited The Red Dress and Ray stayed a while with Olga. Everyone else went to Big Pauls Pain and Pawn to try to sell the Argo-Thaan. Brad didn't like the offer he was getting and threatened Big Paul but he dived into the backroom and triggered an alarm. Several guards rushed in and the party beat a hasty retreat. 

Brad sensed some strong magics coming from a nearby shack and found Marah Sammin casting a spell in the middle of the room. His intrusion interrupted her work, and she tried to recruit the party to kill Lari but they turned her down. Brad tried to sell the Argo-Thaan to her, but when Marah touched the Argo-Thaan it burned her refusing to be wielded by an evil creature. She cast the party out, and after Ray rejoined them they moved onto the storehouse that Lari had mentioned.

The storehouse was guarded by two Sammin guards, Char was able to distract one with a brilliant fire dance using a conjured sword, and Brad pulled his sword on the other threatening him and taking his eyes off the door. Magic Mike-tron cast invisibility on Ray, and he was able to slip into the storehouse undetected. After searching through the numerous crates and barrels he found another door that was locked blocking his path. Brad was able to distract the guard again and steal the key off his belt, then fired it out of a gun through a small crack in the outer door. The key narrowly missed Ray, and he was able to use it to unlock the locked door. He found the ring and picked it up, which caused the pedestal it was resting on to sink into the floor and the door behind him to slam shut, plunging him into darkness. 

Ray's animal companion JFK alerted the party that something was wrong, and Magic Mike-tron was able to trick the guards into leaving for ice cream. Char and Magic Mike-tron went into the storehouse and finding the locked door Char melted it down with a fire spear. This freed Ray but did catch the rest of the storehouse on fire, and they rushed outside after suffering some burns.

The party returned the ring to Lari and Brad was able to sell the Argo-Thaan back to him. He told the party of a Formian hive that had recently become very aggressive on the nearby isle The Pearl, and asked them to investigate. He provided a potent poison that could be used against the Formian Queen if it came to that. 

The party rejoined Captain Ferdinand and used some of their gold to outfit the ship with a pair of cannon. They renamed it the SS Jizzpiss and they set sail for The Pearl. 


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