Shadowmist Isles

Day 5

Return to Caldea

Our heroes awoke aboard the SS Jizzpiss, still floating near The Pearl. They planned out their next moves and set sail for Caldea. During the journey back they ran into a storm but it was otherwise uneventful. Arriving in Caldea they discovered a town on edge, guardsmen patrolled the streets and most people stayed indoors fearing what was to come. 

The party made their way to the Risto estate and met with Lari Risto. He thanked them for saving the mines and rewarded them with some gold. He also offered the services of Bambang in crafting weapons from the squand the party had gathered. The news of the shade that had appeared to be tormenting the Formian queen was troubling, but he was glad the party was able to destroy the demon and save the queen. Lari was concerned that the Sammins may have been involved but didn't have any proof. While Lari and Char continued their conversation, Brad Chadsmith and Magic Mike-tron wandered upstairs and found Timmy Risto. After subduing a guard they "convinced" him to come with them on an adventure and he joined the party. 

The party left the estate and went to Fire and Fury to meet Bambang. Upon entering Char felt empowered by the heat and energy of the forge. Bambang grudgingly helped Char to craft the squand the party had into a hand cannon capable of absorbing solar energy. While Char was working on this the rest of the party headed to the Thirsty Dragon to get smashed on Jizzpiss. They met Robi who was trying to setup a gold mine on a nearby island but had been chased off by monsters and was looking for help. Brad shook him upside down and a gold nugget fell out, but the party refused to help him and he stormed off. They got drunk and wandered into the main market in Caldea where they ran into Vargor, who was selling exotic creatures. Magic Mike-tron bought a coral viper he named Quicksilver Johnson, Brad bought a twocan he named Sam, and Ray bought a snicket as a snack. After finding sleep somewhere they met back up with Char who had completed the solar cannon. 

The party felt it was time to pay the Sammin a visit, so they went towards the Sammin estate. On the way they were stopped by a patrol of four guards who wouldn't let them pass. Ray killed one with the solar cannon and the other three attacked. Char was able to fend one off with a fire spear while the other two got entangled in a melee with Magic Mike-tron. Ray took another shot and killed the one fighting Char, while Brad lit the other two on fire. Char used the fire to overwhelm them and they left the guards incapacitated. The party continued on to the Sammin estate and was stopped at the front doors by more guards and Adi Sammin. After some words were exchanged he agreed to allow them to speak to the Sammin leader Oban Sammin, and led them to Oban's study. 

Oban and the party disagreed with how he was trying to lead the city, and the party decided the best course of action was to unite the city against them. Magic Mike-tron used Quicksilver Johnson's venom to murder Oban, Char set fire to his study, then they threw Oban's body through the window and left Timmy to burn while they escaped. The Sammin guards were able to rescue Timmy and contain the fire, but could not locate the party before they slipped away. The party snuck back to the docks, trying to get to the SS Jizzpiss, but found it guarded by Sammin men. They were able to kill one on patrol using Quicksilver Johnson, and distract the others with Sam's comedy routine. Once aboard the SS JIzzpiss they took off into the sky. They flew over the Risto estate and using the solar cannon took several shots that caused severe damage and a large fire to break out. Their work complete our glorious heroes sailed off into the mists of Shadowmist Isles, will we ever see them again?



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