Dactite Calendar

The Dactite Calendar was the standard measurement of time in this world and plane. It centered around the solar cycle, which is 364 days long, with a day consisting of 24 hours. The current era uses the most recent Grudgment Day as its epoch, or "year zero." BGD stands for Before Grudgment Day, and AGD stands for After Grudgment Day.

Time Measurement

The standard unit of time was the second. Sixty seconds make up one minute and 60 minutes make up one hour. Each day consisted of 24 hours. A week was two days and each month was 14 weeks (making 28 days each month). A year was 364 days, composed of 13 months.

  • 60 seconds = 1 minute
  • 60 minutes = 1 hour
  • 24 hours = 1 day
  • 2 days = 1 week
  • 14 weeks = 28 days = 1 month
  • 13 months = 364 days = 1 year

It is rumored that the day measures the rising and setting of the sun, while the month tracks lunar phases, although this is purely speculative, as it's unknown even how many moons this world has.

Days of the Week

  1. Monday
  2. Funday

Dactite Calendar

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