Siege of The White Forest

The 600 day Siege of The White Forest was an assault by the salamander peoples on one of the main elven cities.


The White Forest was a city made of many tall, cylindrical towers built out of a magical, white material. The elves had built the city near the shores of the Open Sea and in doing so isolated the nearby Vast Desert, also know as the Smoky Sands, from the sea. The construction of the city was permitted by the salamander King Scronch because the isolationist salamanders cared not for the world beyond their territory. However, as the centuries went on, resentment and animosity grew between these two peoples.


Around 279 AGD, General Rayles and her army besieged The White Forest. The siege was initiated after salamander infantry poured out of the Smoky Sands, slaughtering the unprepared elves. The defending elves managed to fight back, retreating into the towers and managing to hold General Rayles' army for a long period of time.

The turning point of the siege came when General Rayles ordered explosives planted around the city's towers, with the intention of toppling them and burning everything within. Overnight a hopeless battle was turned into a victory for the salamanders, and The White Forest was totally destroyed.


The Siege of The White Forest resulted in victory for the salamanders and the city was never rebuilt. The few elves who did survive were allowed to flee, retreating to other nearby towns fostering further bitterness between the two peoples. Finally gaining access to the Open Sea, the industrializing salamanders entered the larger world as a major player.

General Rayles resigned from the salamander army after the siege, and was not seen again in this part of the world. Publicly, Rayles was celebrated as a great hero, but those that served under her expressed concern about her disregard for the sanctity of life.

Siege of The White Forest

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